Suitable for Weddings

  • Wedding Favour Wine Balancers

    Completed the Wine Balancers for the upcoming Wedding, Matt (my Son) and his better half (definitely better half), Alex. Made from Oak for White Wine and Paduak for Red Wine.

  • Assassin’s Creed Wedding Cake Stand

    Made for my daughter’s wedding. It was not actually a cake stand but a cupcake stand. The tower is a replica of the tower in the video game, Assassin’s Creed.

  • Wedding Wine Goblets

    A personal way to celebrate the joining of a couple, a pair of the Turned wine goblets.  I try to create a matching set based on the personality of the couple. For My Daughter and Son-in-law, the goblets were from Ash, a strong solid wood, finished with Antique Oil. For my Son and Daughter-in-law, I […]

  • Candle Holders

    Inspired by Austin DenHerder, for my son’s upcoming wedding, as the centerpiece for the head table. Made from maple and walnut, finished with Minwax wipe on poly.  Can be made from a wood of your choice. The laminated version was gift for a close friend’s mother.

  • Wedding Memory Box – Cherry

    A new commission for a young woman, who wishes to remember the special days of her life. Wedding Memories, The Box, made from Cherry, measures 10″x10″x4″ and is finished with several coats of Wipe On Poly. My favorite aspect of this box is the wood grain of the front panel. Baby Flynn, The box, made […]