Signs & Plaques

  • Sign – The MacNevins – 9×14 Cedar

    A new client from Chestermere, wanting a sign for the cottage.  This sign, made from Cedar, measures 9″ x 14″ and is finished with 3 coats of exterior grade varnish.

  • Sign – Our Hearts Mean Well 8×24

    A man in love with his girl, wanting a sign to memorialize her recently departed friend.  This commission was a real challenge.  A two color sign. How to obtain clear definition between the 2 colors?  Actually I made the sign 7 times before I figured the process out.  The client was pleased with the results.

  • Sign – The Wilson’s 10 x 24

    Another wedding present, bound for New Brunswick.  A cedar sign, measuring 10″x24″.  Finished with several coats of Cabot’s Spar Varnish.

  • Wedding Sign

    As an added feature to the Wedding Trellis, I decided to make this sign, celebrating this special occasion.  Made from cedar, the sign measures 12″ x 48″.  And as the Trellis is not finished, the sign was left in its natural beauty.

  • Theme Signs

    The definition of a sign, “an object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else.”  Signs for your house, your cottage, your room, your friends, etc.  Signs of every size and style.  Let’s use your imagination to signify the special people and events of your life.

  • Stable Signs

    Another commission for signs, this time for a client in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The client ordered 2 of each signs. The signs are 5.5″ x 12″ Cedar, suitable for high humidity environments. Typically I would color the inlay and finish the signs. However, the client’s daughter wanted to add her creative side, so the signs […]

  • Cottage Signs

    Stake your claim to your cottage, Home or business with a 2D or 3D custom carved wood sign. So if for example, you are looking for: – a custom cottage sign carved in cedar, – a Celtic cross carved in oak – a general sign with a name, slogan, or wording you provide carved in […]