• Venturion – Christmas Cheeseboard 12×7

    A client of mine, Springbank Cheese, has a client, Venturion Oil, who required 70 cheese boards for their Christmas Party. Springbank Cheese supplied the material and I milled the boards for Springbank Cheese.

  • Cutting Board – End Grain Maple Purpleheart

    Recently I was commissioned to create a Purpleheart/Maple end grain Cutting board as a wedding present.  This Cutting Board, destined for Ottawa, measures 18″x24″x1 1/2″.

  • Trivets

    Another CNC Project, 6″x6″ Maple Trivets.  These 2 sided trivets are unfinished, so the heat of the pot does not scorch the finish or the finish stick to the bottom of the pat or pan.   Special requests are encouraged.  

  • Pasta Measures

    How do I figure exactly how much spaghetti I need to add to the pot? Use a pasta measure.  Now measure exactly what you need to 1 – 4 people and more. Walnut $15.00 Purpleheart $20.00 Sapele $15.00 Maple $15.00 Hickory $20.00 GST included, shipping extra

  • Cutting Boards

    Cutting Boards, ’nuff said.