Welcome to Old Wolf’s Wood Shop


Welcome to Old Wolf’s Wood Shop.   Celebrating the beauty of wood, in all of its wonderful forms!!!

Located in Calgary, Alberta, I have been a woodworker for many years.  I come by my passion for woodworking  from my Dad.  When Dad still had his shop, we continually competed to see who could buy a new tool before the other could.  Between that strong influence and having been involved in the Home Improvement industry for over 30 years, I have a passion that could be bordered on the obsession, according to my wife.

I enjoy all aspects of Woodworking, from Toys to Furniture to Turning, and now CNC.  I am not a production woodworker, but enjoy various projects to broaden my skills (and the ability to buy more tools :))

I enjoy wood, I enjoy tools (Power and Hand), and I enjoy making Sawdust.

Please enjoy this site.  Your comments are appreciated.

Project of the Month

Walnut Side Table for my Daughter. Made from Walnut, the table stands 20″ high, with a 14″ top. Finished with several coats of Tung Oil.